About Us

Lavender Chiffon is one of three new brands inspired by our main brand, Devonchey Creations.  Where Devonchey Creations is primarily a Hawaiian-themed clothing store, there were always requests for other themed items that we would make but not be able to list in our shop because it wasn't Hawaiian-themed.  

As time went by, we built up quite the inventory of other themed items but had no place to sell them.  We also have quite a stash of themed fabrics that we seldom get a chance to create with...thus, Lavender Chiffon was born!

Our shop is starting out with just our current inventory.  Although there are a lot of items, there is not a lot of sizes.  We hope to remedy that in the very near future, so watch for new items to be added in the upcoming weeks.  

New items will be previewed at a discount in our Royals group so click over and join us to see what's up.  You can join us here---->  Lavender Chiffon Royals Facebook Group.