About Us & FAQs


Devonchey Creations is a small, home-based business located on Route 66 next to the Colorado River in the very rural desert community of Golden Shores, Arizona.

My business has 1 full-time employee…ME!  But I do employ other seamstresses on a part-time, as-needed basis.  Click HERE to visit “Meet The Designer” if you want to know more about my background.


Since we are a very small, made-to-order business and popular prints of tropical fabrics are more than often not reprinted, we are having to change up our fabric selections quite often.  It is not feasible for us to sew up every item in every fabric to display on our website.  We will do this when possible, but you will more than likely be looking at a previous season’s photo for an item that has been in our line for a while. 

Our current stock fabrics are shown at the bottom of the HOME PAGE and on each PRODUCT PAGE where a fabric selection is offered.  If these fabrics are not what you are looking for, we would be happy to send you samples of fabrics that we can order for you. 

 I will always choose 100% cotton for my products.  However, keep in mind that poly cotton blends, Rayon, and other fabric types may also be available for custom fabric selections.

There are always a few remnants, bolt ends, and scraps of fabrics in my store room that are not shown on my website.  If you have a small order, there just might be enough available.  Please ask if you don’t see a stock fabric you like and you have a rush order and I will check my back room stock for you.


For individual orders with stock fabric, our turnaround is 2-3 weeks.  Most of our shipping is done via USPS Ground Advantage that usually takes about 5-8 days mail time, depending on where the package is going to.  If you live on the east coast or in a rural area, expect your package to get to you in about 5-7 days once it ships.  If you are in the Midwest, you can expect 4-5 days for most locations.  And California residents usually get theirs in 2-3 days.  I wish shipping time was more predictable, but the post office is having a really hard time predicting shipping times.  I usually look at their prediction and add a day because I’m rural, then my customers need to also take into consideration where they are located to adjust for their postal zones, etc.

If you order a custom fabric, please expect your turnaround
time to be 10-14 days longer.

If we are busy with backed up orders, turnaround time could be longer.  Please always let us know when you need your order so we can confirm that we will make your deadline before you order.  If you DO order and I confirm that I cannot meet your need-by date, I will let you know and cancel your order